Municipality of ivisan

Municipality of Ivisan

The Municipality of Ivisan is consider as the smallest municipality here in Capiz. And even though it is a small one, the municipality of Ivsian is also active in saving mother earth and preventing the cleanliness of the said municipality. Infact, it is also consider as one of the cleanest municipality.

In the year of 2008, the municipality of Ivisan received two awards that serves as evidence that the municipality of Ivisan is a cleanest municipality together with the other municipalities in Capiz, in the “Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran” .

The Spanish government helped Ivisanon to have there own name for their village. It’s because ,the people who lived here long time ago has the principal livelihood of fishing, and every time they fish, they always told to their company that “let’s go and catch some ibis!”, this helped the Spaniards to established a name of “Ibisan” to the said village. But later on, the Spanish scholars have a preference of the letter “B” to “V”, they used to change the name “Ibisan” to “Ivisan” which was more convenient and agreed by the residents of the village and the Spanish government. This how the name of Ivisan started.

The Municipality of Ivisan has an interesting history for it’s own good. Before it became a third class municipality, the forefathers or the ancestors experienced a lot of things and events. But they overcome it because of the great faith, perseverance and a very good leadership of their leader.

But because of the said qualities of the residents who live in this municipality, the municipality of Ivisan became progressive and successful for having a good establishments and having a responsible citizens. There are a lot of higher government officials of the different municipalities in Capiz and in the whole Republic of the Philippines as well help the municipality of Ivisan to become a stable one.


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Long before the Spanish invasion, this place was wilderness, sorrounded with thick foliage and big trees. The people lived by groups at first, composed of about five or seven families. Later on these groups founded a village. Due to geographical situation of the town the chief livelihood of the people were mostly fishing and little farming. whenever people from far villages yearned for fresh fish they always said, "Let us go the place where there is an abundance of "Ibis" (refers to small fish). They usually come in groups and stayed for weeks, salting and preserving the s,all fish they could get. Later on, when the Spaniards came, they thought it wise to give a proper name to the village. The Provincial Governor appointed a committee. This in turn called a meeting of all the prominent men of the village purposely for the selection of an appropriate name for this pueblo. The people together with the Spanish Officials, aware of the fact that the place was famous for "Ibis", unanimously deemed it right and proper to call it "Ibisan". Officially however, the Spaniards called it "Ivisan" because of their preference of the letter V to B. Modern scholars nevertheless, under the influence of American educators called it "Iuisan" primarily for the sake of euphony and secondly for the reason that in the old roman writing they write the letter "U" as "V" hence reading V as U as IUISAN.

                 The municipality of Ivisan has quite an interesting and unique history all its own, especially its struggle for political and economic existence. Numerous and countless were the trials as well as tribulations encountered by our forefathers and civic minded citizens before this place was made into third class municipality.

               Ever-dreaming and longing for a better place for themselves and their offspring, these men continued to work and labor for the improvement and uplifment of the community and masses, until their longed-for dreams and desires were duly realized. Some died before their ideals materialized while several others minded not time, money nor sufferings in order to achieve their dreams.

Municipality of Ivisan